~Dedicated to cultivating deeply personalized, meaningful, peaceful passages

in and out of this world~

I am a birth, bereavement and end-of-life doula. My mission is to provide compassionate physical, emotional, spiritual support at times of birth and loss. I strive to meet individuals and families where they are and serve in whatever ways best suit their needs.  

My background and experience as a pregnancy & infant loss companion, parent advocate and bereavement support group facilitator, along with formal and ongoing educational training, combined with my personal journey through birth and death allow me to be a source of evidence-based information and non-judgmental, unwavering support. Whether you need guidance in preparing for a birth, planning a memorial, or just someone to listen and be a pillar of strength for you on your own path. I am here.

Wherever you are on your journey, I am glad you have found me. I look forward to learning how I can serve and support you on your path.


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Discussing Death

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I wasn’t just preparing for his birth; I was simultaneously preparing for his death. My unborn child, I learned about midway through my pregnancy, would not survive outside the womb. Faced with this reality, I just didn’t know where to turn . I had questions. Hard questions. Ones … Continue reading Discussing Death

Reiki at end of life

Reiki is a very gentle yet very powerful healing technique. Its effects can benefit the receiver physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. No specific spiritual belief system is necessary.  A reiki treatment benefits the whole person, in whatever ways the client needs for their healing. Receivers report feeling relaxed, a sense of calm, dissipating stress, stillness and … Continue reading Reiki at end of life

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